Monday, 9 December 2013

3mm PicoArmor Scifi


It's been a while, but you know how it is - real life and all!

Just got some of the new 3mm scifi from Picoarmor in the post.

So far I've painted a platoon stand of T-225 "Boris" MBTs ('Boris'%20MBT&m=0)

T-225 Boris MBT pic from the PicoArmor site.

I love these models!
I've always liked PicoArmor (O8) stuff, and I have loads kicking around, but the first forays in to Scifi are excellent.

I'm painting up the other four vehicles at the moment, I'll post them up soon.

Happy gaming,

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  1. Awesome! You should do a step by step on how you paint them