Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Why so... Silent?


It has been far too long, but along with Craig (http://anotheroneofthosemodellingblogs.blogspot.com/) and Ian (http://scaleneutral.blogspot.com/) we have all been chucking hours and hours in to our new project:

Red Wyvern Games 

Website: http://www.redwyverngames.com/
Blog: http://redwyverngames.blogspot.co.uk/

That's right, we've started our own games company!
So far we are only selling rulebooks, and we've been to one show: Valhalla, in Farnborough (http://www.fwgs.org.uk/fwgs/valhalla/Pages/default.aspx)

Our rulebooks!
Engage is described as "cinematic starship combat", and Seasons of War: Days of the Conqueror is a 10mm dark ages game. Check out the Red Wyvern Games website for way more detail.

The Engage demo
The Seasons of War demo
 Valhalla was really good fun, we had a great day and met a bunch of brilliant people!


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