Sunday, 17 February 2013

Random pics!

Well, it most certainly has been a while.
The troubles of moving house...
But back in action now! And taking the opportunity to post up some 3mm and 6mm bits.

Brigade Models Neo-Soviet Kunitsa APC

GZG NAC Infantry

GZG NAC Infantry
GZG Virnazh Grav APC/IFV

GZG NSL Trooper

Dark Realm Miniatures Bastion Heavy Tank

Dark Realm Miniatures Bastion Heavy Tank
3mm Picoarmor Modern British Warrior IFV

Now for some 3mm Germy fun!
These guys are all from the GZG 3mm SciFi range created by Germy. And I love them!

Infantry Squads

Infantry & Objective

Attack VTOL and Transport VTOL

Supported by a Cybertank Section

Artillery Battery

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