Thursday, 17 January 2013

Painting: Abrams (Khurasan)

Hello again!

I managed to steal some time off and get to business with the new tank.
I have to say - it was a pleasure to paint!

I decided to go with the Desert colours that you see in most pictures of Abrams MBT's.

Step 1.
Primed it with white auto primer, and then base coated it with a slightly watered down GW Tallarn Desert.

Step 2.
The next stage was to Line Wash the model.
First I drybrushed the whole model again with the base colour, to improve coverage.
Then I took some GW Agrax Earthshade and painted it along all the detail lines.

Step 3.
Once the wash was dry, I painted the tracks with GW Charadon Granite (no idea what the current version is!).
Then I started drybrushing the colour up to highlight.
Starting with decent coverage of base colour, then mixed in some GW Bleached Bone for the second cover.
At this point I took a medium brush and with a bit of water blocked in any areas where the wash was still showing.

Step 4.
I added details (lights / periscopes, machine gun) and a final line highlight of Bleached Bone.

I can't lie - it was an embarrassingly simple paint job, and the model made it a real joy to paint and easy as heck!

I've included some pictures with a Peter Pig USMC mounted on a coin, rather than one of the giant 20mm lipped bases. Hopefully this will make scale more apparent.

Now to get finishing the infantry!